We provide issue based consultancy as well as services on retainer basis. The rich experience and the diverse background helps us to provide best of the solutions to clients. We provide advisory services relating to various aspects of Goods & Services Tax (GST), Customs, erstwhile indirect tax (such as excise, service tax, VAT/CST, CENVAT), Foreign Trade Policy (‘FTP’), Foreign Exchange Management Act (‘FEMA’) and applicable regulations. We cover in it the rates of duties, exemptions, valuation planning, classification assistance and assessments, procedures and its documentation requirements, clearance of goods, warehousing, duty entitlements etc.


Indirect tax laws have always been complex and subject matter of interpretation/ litigation. Due to this, industries generally receive Show Cause Notices, requiring them to explain the rational for following a particular interpretation or claiming some tax benefits. This, sometimes, culminates into a long-drawn litigation. Further, it is always advisable to obtain certain clarifications from tax offices on specified issue if there is a mechanism in place. We, at RSA, assist our clients in better handling of such matters. We represent our clients before the following adjudicating Authorities:

  • Drafting of replies to Show Cause Notices and appearances before adjudicating authority;
  • Drafting of appeal and appearances before CESTAT,
  • Drafting of writs and appearances before High Court and Supreme Court of India
  • Appearances before Advance Ruling Authority, Settlement Commission for settlement of cases;
  • To provide day-to-day litigation support on notices, summons etc. received from tax authorities and other appropriate authorities.

Health Check- up:

Indirect tax laws are subject to frequent changes and amendments. At times, it is difficult to track these changes and ensure timely implementation. It is a good practice to undertake a regular health check or review (annual or half yearly) by Companies to ensure that no changes or amendments having significant impact are missed altogether. We, at RSA conduct audit for our clients from the perspective of Indirect Taxation. An Indirect Tax Diagnostic Review or Health Check is a complete package offered to our clients that helps in examining applicability of indirect taxes, eligibility of tax credits and export benefits (as applicable), reviewing statutory returns/ records and documentation, evaluating tax optimization opportunities, identifying areas of potential tax exposure and inefficiencies, and giving a detailed exception report outlining observations.


Businesses are facing an increasing number of compliance requirements in the countries in which they operate. There is also rigorous enforcement by the tax authorities. RSA offers efficient, cost-effective customs and global trade compliance services. We regularly advise clients from a wide range of sectors on compliance and relevant procedures. We help businesses manage compliance risk by providing timely and transparent report. This can help improve data integrity and accuracy. Compliance may include Registration, Refund/Rebate, Obtaining FMS, FPS Advance Authorization, EPCG licence, etc. & Redemption thereon. READ MORE