RSA Legal Solutions is a top-tier Goods and Services Tax / Indirect Tax law firm, committed to providing world-class advisory, litigation, and compliance services to businesses, and singularly focused on serving the needs of business clients. The firm specializes in Goods and Services Tax, Customs, Foreign Trade Policy, Special Economic Zones, and other erstwhile indirect taxes.

Since its inception, the firm’s multi-layered approach to litigation as well as transactional services has been its cornerstone. Dealing in the niche area that GST / indirect tax is, RSA Legal has the uncommon experience of handling some of the most complicated issues, and getting favorable orders for its clients.

With offices located in Gurgaon, the firm is well-positioned to meet the demands of the entire industry. Having that perfect mix of attorneys, chartered secretaries, et. al., who have all dedicated their careers to providing the highest level of services to clients, the firm finds itself in a position to effectively minimize risks and advance the clients’ short and long-term objectives.

In 2014, Mr. SC Jain, who is considered as an authority in indirect taxes, established the firm with a view to help clients maneuver the complex indirect tax system in India, and to provide a flexible billing structure based on their individual situations and objectives.

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RSA Legal Solutions has added one more feather to its cap and is growing with the well wishes of its clients and members.

Insights Success magazine, a well-established online and print media has come-up with the issue of “The 10 Most Prominent GST Consultants in 2018″. RSA Legal Solutions, has been listed to be one of the 10 Most Prominent GST Consultants in 2018. We feel honoured and overwhelmed to announce the same and this give us double energy to work with more enthusiasm and strength. RSA Legal, with its experience, constant training and updation of knowledge, has developed unique expertise in the entire spectrum of indirect taxes. We are regularly publishing our articles on unique topics over various online and print media. Our monthly updates are regularly being followed by the industry. With all your support and encouragement we will keep no stone un-turned to serve you better. Thanks for being in touch with us.